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3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi I would like to suggest Eve Megargel as a guest in-studio on April 23. Eve is an advocate for autistic individuals who are either nonverbal or unable to communicate effectively by speaking, just like her son, Billy, 27.She shares their story in a new memoir, LEARNING TO KISS. Billy is also an accomplished abstract artist with work in many hospitals, galleries, and private collections. Prints of his work are now sold at COSTCO as part of a program for disabled artists. Eve is all about communication. She believes that all behavior is communication. Her mission is to encourage caregivers to teach children and adults on the spectrum methods they can use to communicate without speaking a word. April is Autism Awareness Month. Please let me know if you are interested in scheduling an interview in studio on A[ril 23 or another time by phone/skype. I would be happy to send you materials and a copy of Eve’s book. Thank you!, Phyllis Heller


  2. On last program about self empathy, the host said that one could contact the show to get resources on how to put this into practice. I would appreciate any materials. This program was so informative.
    Thank you.


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