What is NVC?

Talk It Out Radio is based on Nonviolent Communication as founded over 50 years ago by Marshall Rosenberg. Nonviolent Communication is a language, as well as a great gathering of skills and principles, ALL designed for one intention:

To connect to the needs of life in me and others, so that natural, compassionate understanding can happen. And when that happens, it becomes natural to give to each other. And when natural giving happens, life can thrive for all beings everywhere.

From connection comes our direction.

Now there are many many ways to connect and experience real peace with each other – take on a challenge together, make music together, explore together, save something together,  grow a garden together, dance together. With Nonviolent Communication, we find that words and language are another very helpful way to connect and share life, because they are available to us all the time.

And Nonviolent Communication is applied in many settings and in many practical ways:

  • Experiencing unity across differences – actually enjoying diversity.
  • Restoring a neighborhood after a tragedy or harm has been done.
  • Creating a school where students at empowered and positive.
  • Calming your nervous system instead of attacking someone and paying the price for it.
  • How to know yourself and what you need in the moment.
  • How to heal old patterns of reactivity and trauma.

We humans need above all, meaning, and connection. We are built for these things. Everyone, everywhere, all the time, is looking to fulfill these needs in their lives. We at Talk It Out Radio just want all of us to remember and act on these needs so that life can thrive.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at talkitout[at]kpfa[dot]org, or Google or search YouTube for “nonviolent communication.”

  • Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)
  • Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC)

Gratitude to Timothy Regan for creating the content on this page.


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