Who We Are

Talk It Out Radio is a Nonviolent-Communication-inspired radio show that airs every Sunday at 7:00pm Pacific Time on KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley, CA. Your hosts are a group of devoted and skilled practitioners of Nonviolent Communication. Listen online here.

Talk It Out Radio Hosts

NancyNancy Kahn, International Consultant with Diversitybbox, has over 17 years’ experience teaching Nonviolent Communication, locally and internationally, and participating in social justice projects. She co-founded the BayNVC Diversity Project in 2000. Nancy brings a rich combination of skill in Nonviolent Communication, along with a background in nonprofit management and social work experience, to her consulting practice. She previously founded and served as Executive Director of Mission Dignity, a youth-led Peer Education and College Resource Center in San Francisco’s Mission District for ten years. She is dedicated to raising awareness around differences, with an eye on both the subtle and overt ways we participate in systems of oppression and privilege. Nancy has spent her lifetime examining the complexity of her own racial and cultural identities. Nancy’s passion is anchored in her continued development of an integrative process of teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) across differences (race, gender, class, culture, power and privilege). She concentrates her efforts on coaching individuals and families, and providing consulting services that include training, coaching, mediation and facilitation to a wide variety of social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, community-based groups, health care agencies, companies, and staff with a local law enforcement agency. For over ten years, Nancy has been a core member of the facilitation team of the NVC Diversity Retreat, newly named the Nonviolent Social Justice Leadership Retreat. She has served as a core trainer on the facilitation team for the NY NVC Intensive for five years of the event’s existence.

Tim ReganTimothy Regan,  LCSW, Certification Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, has been coaching and training individuals and groups for over 15 years at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. His professional focus there is Motivational Interviewing, healthy lifestyle and stress management counseling. In private practice, where he most comes alive, he provides integrated training and services in Peacemaking, informed by deep study of Nonviolent Communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Permaculture, Ceremony, and Musicmaking.

Marlena WillisMarlena Willis brings depth, insight, and compassion that come from years of spiritual and emotional work as well as the inside knowledge of how to heal trauma. She has a passion for authenticity, and for bringing acceptance and love to those places that we least accept and love. She has experienced that trusting what is, being present with our bodies, with ourselves, allows us to find freedom and joy in the midst of our difficulty and pain. Her experience includes years of intensive insight meditation practice, Rosen Method Bodywork, Nonviolent Communication (which she teaches at the East Bay Meditation Center and over the phone to people with chronic illness and disability). She also was involved in early diversity work in the Buddhist community and brings an awareness of societal issues. She values all beings deeply and enjoys helping ordinary, everyday people find their power.


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